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Buying New Fence Panels - Buying Your Own Vs Letting Your Fencing Company Supply & Fit Them March 2012

It is not uncommon in the current economic climate for home owners and small business premise owners in the Midlands to source their own fence panels, buy them separately and then ask one of our fencing contractors to come and fit them for you.  But is this the best course of action for you?

We are more than happy to fit fencing panels which you have sourced yourself and have arranged to have delivered. Whether you are in Lichfield, Walsall, Wolverhampton, Sutton Coldfield, Wednesbury or Birmingham, having our contractor arrive at a predetermined time ready to fit the panels for you is not a problem.

The most common reason for people to try and source their own new fences online, seperate from the contractor who is to fit them, as an assumption that they may be able to get the panels that little bit cheaper.  We regularly find that having waited in for deliveries, having had the extra hassles of storing the fencing if they have not yet arranged for their contractor to install them is not really worth it - when they then compare pricing to find we could have delivered, fitted and had all the new fencing in place for them at the same time.

Of course everyone is cost conscious at present. We just find that when taking time out from work or self-employment to take seperate deliveries it is not always beneficial.  As we mentioned earlier, we almost always find a fit-only job is great to do. However, if sourcing your own panels, posts and gravel boards etc customers do need to bare in mind that they should ensure all of the posts, the correct number of panels etc are delivered and that the products they have bought are right for the look they wish to get from their garden.  We do find in most cases that all is fine with this - it just adds a little to the workload for the customer in ensuring the delivery is correct when the fencing arrives - having been ordered online or possibly from a local garden centre.

When ordering your fence panels, posts, trellis etc through PJ Broadhurst we are of course delighted to assist you in everyway possible with friendly and experienced advice.  This by no means means service levels are in any way depleted if you have ordered panels from elsewhere - we firmly believe that every customer deserves first rate care and attention no matter where the product has come from.  However by speaking with us first we are confident that you will be able to make use of our experience, contacts within the fencing profession and first rate suppliers to achieve exactly what you are looking for in your garden fencing at a sensible cost, with no hassle.

Contact P J Broadhurst Fencing in Walsall, West Midlands on 01922 611 681, mobile 07770 954073 or emal for more information on our fencing services throughout West Midlands, Staffordshire and Shropshire.



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