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Protecting Your Fences Against The Rays Of The Sun This Summer March 2012

With blue skies and the first real signs of Spring and Summer being well and truly on the way here in the West Midlands, now is the time to consider protecting your fence panels, not just from the bad British winter weather, but from the best of British weather too.

The rays from the sun, and in particular UV rays, can affect your garden fencing as can the more severe cold and wet winters.  UV rays from the sun can cause fencing to grey in colour – which is a common site when our contractors go out to replace garden fencing in and around the local area – most recently a lot of this fencing replacement has been in Birmingham, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Lichfield.

As we all know, many of our recent summers have been a mixture of intermittent sunshine with cool, wet summer weather.  This combination of UV from the sun and wet weather can cause both the greying effect we mentioned above, but also cracks and splits in the timber of your fencing panels.

Long range forecasts for the UK are again predicting wet, cool summer weather unfortunately which means it is highly recommended that you protect your panels if your fences have not been treated for some time.  There are many good quality stains and oils on the market.  It is possible to stain, give your fences a protective coating and have them looking at their most attractive with a single application of treatment. 

By applying a fence panel treatment you lessen the risk of needing serious fencing repair work done later on and also keep your garden looking at its best so you can enjoy the best our summer has to offer.  A little effort now out in the garden can pay dividends in the long run. 

Let’s hope some of those cool, wet forecasts are wrong this year and that it is UV light you are protecting your fences against on a regular basis by having applied a treatment prior to the 2012 summer.

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