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Garden Fencing Maintenance & Repairs Following Harsh Winter Weather February 2012

If your timber fencing has been exposed to wind, rain and frozen conditions then it is well worth examining your fence panels thoroughly during late winter / early spring.  Rotten or warped fence panels should be replaced as soon as possible.  Broken fencing panels, holes, large gaps between post and panel, warped or fallen panels also present security risks to your home and garden.  If this is the case then fencing repairs are required.  Timber side gates can also become loose, rattle or have loose panels after a harsh winter.

If concrete footings are insufficient, loose or have become damaged in any way they may also create long term problems, weaken the broader structure of your fence line and so they are better dealt with sooner rather than later.  Your panels will otherwise be prone to wind damage or further loosening. 

Check for rot in fence posts – if you have any concerns and are based in the West Midlands or Staffordshire area then please call our experienced fencing contractors on 01922 611 681 or 07770 954073 for advice.

Deep Preservation of Timber Fencing

It is possible to be supplied with pressure-treated wooden fencing which involves providing and installing fence panels which have been through a process which allows preservative to be pushed deep into the wood. This is done through the use of vacuum pressure.

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